An overview of some of my most recent and favorite projects I’ve completed.


Broaap is the social community for motorbikers. With Broaap you can create routes and share them with the community. Together with the client we are actively building, measuring and learning to improve the platform for its users. The product is built with Meteor and React.js. The next release will also contain iOS and Android releases.

Internet Zoals Thuis

During my 5 month travels through South America, I’ve come across many people who’s phones, computers or tablets got hacked because of the use of public WiFi. I launched this product because I want to help travelers to use a more secure and better internet connection via VPN. I’m currently in the experimental phase and testing out why and how I can bring VPN to this market in the Netherlands before launching an international version.

Rotterdam Summer School

RSS is an innovative summer school program created by Erasmus University. I acted as lead developer, project manager and QA manager in this project to improve the app. We pushed through new features, improved existing features, and deployed on improved servers. The product is built with Meteor and Blaze.


Surfintel helps surfers predict wave quality. Everytime you go out and rate the waves, Surfintel learns about your preferences and the quality of the waves. The project is still under development and I expect to release a beta end of june. It’s built with Meteor and React and the complexity lies in developing a robust algorithm to predict wave quality.


Transmate is a control tower and optimization platform for carriers and shippers to improve their supply chain. As a developer I’ve built a lot of features such as a tender management tool and a complex price analysis tool. The product is built with Meteor, Blaze and CoffeeScript. The app is currently in private beta.

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